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For ten years, Joel Spolsky has been teaching millions of programmers how to make better software. Now, you can look inside his company and see how it’s done.


In depth training.

Make Better Software is a comprehensive, six-week training curriculum for software teams of all sizes. You’ll learn some of the key precepts of software development the way Joel has been espousing them on his website, Joel on Software, and see them in action at Fog Creek Software.

A complete course.

It’s a great way for software development teams to learn about some of the successful practices that have made Fog Creek successful.

Zero dogma.

It’s not about any of the latest software development fads. It’s about building a team of smart people who get things done, and then getting out of their way.


Module 1: Recruiting

(Runtime: 57min.)

At the heart of Joel’s philosophy is hiring smart people who get things done. The first module covers this in depth, from recruiting to internships to the interview process. You’ll learn how to identify great candidates and build a great team.

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Module 2: Team Members

(Runtime: 52min.)

A great software team needs more than just programmers. You’ll learn how program managers, QA, and others contribute to building a complete software product.

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Module 3: Environment

(Runtime: 50min.)

The physical environment; offices, desks, and chairs—is far more important than most people think. Fog Creek has been famously obsessive about creating a utopian developer environment, with private offices, free lunch, and height-adjustable desks. You’ll learn how to make an office that works for your team and improves your bottom line.

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Module 4: Schedules

(Runtime: 45min.)

Fog Creek Software invented the most reliable method for shipping software on time and on schedule, like clockwork. It’s called Evidence Based Scheduling, and you’ll learn how to apply it to accurately predict when software projects will be ready.

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Module 5: Lifecycle

(Runtime: 52min.)

From vision to the customer, you’ll learn about the different stages in a software development project and how software is built the Fog Creek way.

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Module 6: Design of Software

(Runtime: 53min.)

Great software is more than just functional. Great software makes people fall in love. You’ll learn how to go beyond making merely functional software: you’ll learn what it takes to make a hit product.

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